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The Raising of the Cross

OLV ten Poel Tienen

This church is considered to be the cradle of Brabant's High Gothic.
Gregorian Manuscripts

Onze Lieve Vrouw Geboortekerk Tongeren

The church (the Basilica of Our Lady) has a very long history. The structure is on the UNESCO World Heritage List as part of the belfry group registration in Belgium and France.
Nood Gods drieluik

Onze Lieve Vrouw Hemelvaartkerk Watervliet

Church in Watervliet with the 'Nood Gods' by the Master of Frankfurt, included in the Flemish masterpieces list.

Openbare Bibliotheek Brugge

The carrier

Openluchtmuseum Middelheim

The sculptures in the museum park give an overview of more than one hundred years of sculpture.
Healing of Drieske van Doorne in the chapel of Our Lady

Our Lady of St Peter's Church Ghent

A pure baroque church with a wealth of art treasures.
Descent from the Cross

Our Lady’s Cathedral of Antwerp

A huge treasure trove with various artworks by Rubens, among others. After twenty years of restoration, the seven-aisled church once again shines in all its architectural splendor. Eye-catchers are definitely Rubens' 'Kruisoprichting' and 'Kruisafneming'.