De schilder Jan Baptist Berré

The Painter Jan Baptist Berré

Balthasar Paul Ommeganck

About this artwork

Deze landschap en dierenschilder werd geboren te Antwerpen in 1777 en overleed in Parijs in 1838 waar hij sedert 1808 verbleef. Nam deel aan diverse Parijse Salons. Was in zijn geboortestad lid van het 'Gennootschap ter aenmoediging der Schone Konsten'.

About the collection

The Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp (KMSKA) presents seven hundred years of art history in an extraordinary 19th-century setting. The oldest pieces in the collection, four unique panels by Simone Martini, date from the 14th century, the most recent are from the 1970s.

The KMSKA holds work by, among others, the Flemish Primitives, Peter Paul Rubens, Rik Wouters and James Ensor. In addition to its collection of Southern Netherlandish art, the museum also possesses some notable foreign treasures.

This wonderful international mix of old and modern art is the result of several centuries of intensive collecting, first by the Guild of St Luke, then by the Academy and finally by the Museum.

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