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A modest young Madonna – the Mother of God – sits at the right hand of the mysterious figure in the centre (the viewer’s left). Her serene face looks out from beneath a cascade of hair. Dressed in a deepblue robe the darkness of which is alleviated by a golden hem decorated with jewels she is absorbed in a prayer book. Twelve stars surround her fabulous crown – an allusion to the Book of revelation. The crown itself incorporates four types of of flower all of which were Marian symbols: lilies (virginity purity) columbines (humility) and lilyofthevalley (linking the song of songs 2:1 to the Virgin Mary).

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Naast het belangrijkste meesterwerk van de Vlaamse Schilderkunst, de "Aanbidding van het Lam Gods" door de gebroeders Jan en Hubrecht Van Eyck, zijn er nog tal van kunstschatten een bezoek waard. More about Sint-Baafskathedraal Gent

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