Diptiek van Maarten van Nieuwenhove.

Diptych of Maarten van Nieuwenhove.

Hans Memling

About this artwork

The Virgin Mary is shown with her child in a Bruges parlour circa 1487. The open window looks out over a Flemisch landscape. Maarten van Nieuwenhove sits in the same room. The inscription tells us that he had his portrait painted at hte age of 23 in 1487: HOC OPUS FIERI FECIT MARTINUS DE NEWENHOVEN ANNO DM 1487 ANO VERO ETATIS SUE 23. The serene and regal Madonna forms a triangle inscribed within the rectangle of the panel a device through which Memling turns her into a stylised image an icon. She answers the idea of beauty that we find throughout his oeuvre.

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The great appeal of Bruges’ museum collections is their incredible diversity. From the Flemish Primitives to contemporary art, from the fine arts to archaeological finds, not to mention silverware, tapestries, furniture, and poetry. More about Musea Brugge

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