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The scene depicted in this magnificent panaorama is christ wounding with the lace. According to tradition the blind Roman centurion Longinus pierced the crucified jesus' side with his lace. A drop of blood ran down and splached into his eye immediately restoring his sight. Meanwhile drakness fell all over the land th temple curtain was torn in two the earth shook and the graves opened. The moment is dramatic and is evoced with a great deal of realism. This is an unusual composition despite of the use of traditional elements such as the Magdelene embracing the cross the grieving group on the left and the soldiers playing dice and squabbling on the right. The long unrury procession of soldiers returning to Jeruzalem links up with the scene on the foreground to form a single meandering ensemble that begings on the left with Saint John and the Vergin. The effect is that of the journee to Calvery in reverse.

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